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Hills Table Tennis Association

During 1936, Invitation/challenge Matches were played between teams from Echunga, Longwood, Summertown and Carey's Gully.  
A copy of a newspaper article from 18 May 1937,  
Hills Association- A meeting of clubs interested in table tennis was held at Stirling to form an association.  
Delegates were present from six clubs, Summertown, Carey's Gully, Longwood, Mylor, Echunga and Macclesfield.  
The association's officials are- President Mr W. Collins of Summertown, Secretary and Treasurer, Mr A. Bowen of Longwood.  
The first round of matches will be played on May 26.  
1937 Season Teams were: Mylor, Summertown, Longwood, Carey's Gully and Echunga.  
Macclesfield never played in the competition, opting to play in a nearby association.  
Longwood wins Grand Final.  
The Grand Final between Longwood and Carey's Gully was played in the Mylor Institute on August 25 and resulted in a victory for  
Longwood, the final scores being:- Longwood, 20 sets; Carey's Gully,10 sets.Indivdual scores:-  
Women's Singles-  
Mrs Hughes (L) d Miss I.Hart (CG) 21-12, 21-16. M.Porteous d Mrs Badenock 21-14,17-21. G.Bowen d C.Jarrett 21-18, 21-6.  
Mrs Wright d J.Badenock 21-12, 20-21. Mrs Riches d E.Rann 21-16, 21-20. D.Dowling d J.Rann 21-14, 21-8.  
Women's Doubles-  
Mrs Hughes/G.Bowen lost to Mrs Badenock/I.Hart 23-31. M.Porteous/Mrs Wright d J.Badenock/C.Jarrett 31-27.  
Mrs Riches/D.Dowling d J.Rann/E.Rann 31-15.  
Men's Singles-  
A.Bowen d R.Jarrett 21-9, 21-17. W.Hughes lost to L.Badenock 12-21, 15-21. H.Wright d K.Jarrett 21-18, 20-21.  
C.Saltmarsh lost to A.Jarrett 11-21, 12-21. E.Bowen lost to A.Badenock 21-14, 10-21. A.Dowling d B.Badenock 21-18, 21-14.  
Men's Doubles-  
A.Bowen/W.Hughes d A.Badenock/H.Badenock 31-21. H.Wright/C.Saltmarsh lost to R.Jarrett/K.Jarrett 29-31.  
A.Dowling/E.Bowen d A.Jarrett/B.Badenock 31-23.  
A Victory Ball was held in Longwood Hall to celebrate winning the Hills Table Tennis Association Grand Final.  
1938 Season Teams were- Mylor, Summertown, Longwood, Carey's Gully and Verdun.  
Longwood was undefeated throughout the season but the Grand Final was won by Mylor 14-4.  
1939 Season Teams were- Mylor, Summertown, Longwood, Verdun and new clubs Scott's Creek and Upper Sturt.  
Longwood won the Grand Final against Mylor 10-8  
1940 Season Teams were- Mylor, Summertown, Longwood, Verdun, Scott's Creek and Upper Sturt.  
Longwood dominated the minor round again but Mylor won the Grand Final by a narrow margin.  
So after 4 seasons Longwood and Mylor were the stand out teams, each winning 2 Grand Finals.  
1941- 1949 The Association was suspended due to World War 2  
The following appeared in Mt Barker Courier on 18 April 1946:  
A meeting will be held in the Mylor Hall on Wednesday April 24th at 8pm  
to re-form the Association- D. Roebuck, Mylor  
However, the Hills Table Tennis Association would not form again until 1950  
1950 Season Teams were- Summertown, Upper Sturt, Mylor, Scott's Creek with new teams Bridgewater, Aldgate and Stirling.  
More to come